Southport Recreation - Southport, NY

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Our Goals

Our goal is to properly introduce young people to lacrosse, generate a lasting enthusiasm for the game, and prepare them to have a varsity experience playing lacrosse. 

Southport Recreation Association and Elmira Youth Lacrosse are committed to fostering a positive athletic experience for all players. The following lacrosse skills are attainable for players through our program.

10 Expectations High School Coaches have of Youth Lacrosse Players


  1. Can play right and left handed
  2. Protects the stick from opposing players
  3. Knows the importance of ball movement
  4. Knows how to move without the ball
  5. Ability to see the field and communicate to other players
  6. Knows defensive positioning, footwork and holds
  7. Knows how to play off-ball defense: flat triangle, slides, crease defense
  8. Knows concepts of different offensive sets, can play freelance
  9. Can work on their own. Strong ethic to take it to the next level
  10. Is a well rounded person- Balances sports with good academics. Enjoys other sports. Maintains a great attitude.