Southport Recreation - Southport, NY

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Spring Lacrosse Program Expectations

Players will be expected to:

Not be disruptive in practice or games.
Be respectful to all adults, coaches, officials, fellow players and opponents.
Have fun, play hard.
Listen when the coach is speaking.
Focus on improving their lacrosse skills, not be concerned with how well others play.
Never put their head down! What's done is done. When a player makes a mistake, they should put it behind them, get their chin up and move on!

Parents will be expected to:

Be courteous and respectful to players (including their own children), other parents, coaches, officials, and opponents.
Be a good ambassador for Elmira and SRA.
Have their children to games and practices on time and ready to play.
Remain on site if your child has a history of disruptive behavior.
Ensure their children arrive at games and practices well hydrated and nourished.
Know that youth lacrosse is about building future great lacrosse players. The outcome of any game is not as important as building skills and having a positive experience so players can and want to go on to a higher level.
Assist the program. Use your talents to make us a better organization and lighten the load for others.
Ensure a responsible adult is available to pick-up the player after all practices and games.
Have an responsible adult reachable by phone during practice if not present on site. Leave contact phone number if different than the one listed on the team roster.
Please, no coaching from the sideline! Participation through encouragement is great. Telling players how to play the game is the coach's job.

Root for the team as a whole.

Know that quick rotations of midfield lines is inherent to good lacrosse. Playing times for different players will vary. Attackmen and defensemen will typically get mor playing time than a midfielder.

Coaches will be expected to:

Be respectful to all players, parents, officials, and fellow coaches.
Be prepared for each game and practice.
Know that youth lacrosse is about building future great lacrosse players.
Make sure all players are well hydrated.
Treated any injury seriously and allow any player to sit out if they are hurt.
Use their discretion to include all players in games while maintaining a balanced, well played game of lacrosse.