Southport Recreation - Southport, NY

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Our Motto

Tradition, Team, Character

Tradition:  We believe lacrosse is the ultimate test of an athlete. The game assesses a player’s quickness, endurance, strength, hand-eye coordination, and his or her ability to think and lead under physical duress. Lacrosse is a pure sport for the players. It is not played for the fans and the coaches don't call in every play. Either the players on the field perform well enough or they don't.

Unlike the poor behavior sometimes displayed in professional sports, lacrosse continues to have a fine tradition of sportsmanship. Our players, coaches and parents will be held to the highest standards of the lacrosse tradition.

We want our young people to begin to consider themselves athletes of the finest tradition. They will begin to believe that they, unlike a fan, are empowered to change the game’s outcome. And we want them to play for the love of the game.

Team: We consider our three age groups one big team. Lacrosse is a great team sport where each piece must work in unison with the other parts. We want our players to begin to feel they are a valuable member of our team.

Character: The continuation of the lacrosse tradition and the strength of our team depends on each player bringing their best self to each practice and each game. Proper rest and nutrition, control of emotions, mental focus, and individual drive are necessary for a player to bring their best performance. We want each player to begin to realize their behavior on and off the field, their character, effects the outcome of the game.