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Lacrosse Equipment and Uniform Information

Lacrosse stick: All players need to have their own stick. A lacrosse stick can be purchased at local sporting goods stores or online for as low as $30. We suggest buying a basic stick in the $30-$50 range for the purposes of this league. The toys sticks that come two to a pack with a soft ball are unsuitable for league play. Expensive sticks are over-kill. We have some girls who are playing lacrosse with us until we can start a girls’ program. Girls should purchase a boy’s lacrosse stick.
For more information on how to get your lacrosse stick ready visit the Penfield Lacrosse Website:
Lacrosse Stick Tips
Cup: All male players should wear a cup. No kidding, if you want grandkids bring your son to practice and games wearing a cup.The elongated banana cups are best because they don’t chafe as much. They have a cup system now that is like a pair of shorts with a holder for a cup. This is better than the jock strap style.  If you already have the jock strap type wear some thick cotton or spandex shorts under the cup and supporter to stop the edges of the cup from chaffing the thighs. Of course, players will wear a second set of shorts on top of either option.

Protective Equipment: The lacrosse protective equipment consists of a helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves. We will wear the full set of equipment in all settings where there is stick or body contact.
We have a good amount of equipment for players to use. It is handed out first come, first served based on the date you register. All league fees must be paid in full before receiving any equipment.  If you decide you want to purchase protective equipment we suggest you start with the gloves and pads. This will cost about $50-100. We recommend the youth set by Gait. If you want to buy a helmet also, a youth helmet will cost about $105. Get a white helmet if possible.

Cleats: Players should have cleats. Football or soccer cleats are fine.

Mouth Guards: Mouth guards are required for all practices and games. Get a mouth guard with a strap to attach it to the facemask.  Get an extra mouth guard, form it to your teeth and put it in your game bag. Players have had to sit out games because they forgot their mouthguard.

Uniforms: The uniform for the spirng teams consist of a reversible numbered tank, black shorts, and a gray undershirt.

Uniform tanks are included with the cost of registration. The tanks will be worn for games and practices.

For Spring games players will wear a gray shirt under their pads. We have grey shirts for sale with the team logo on them but any solid gray shirt is acceptable. We sell team shorts with our logo, but any solid black shorts are acceptable.